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Man Power Supplier


Anmol consultancy & Manpower services takes pride of its existence and diverse experience in Recruiting & supplying workers for the industries as follows:-

Mechanical & Engineering; Industrial Manpower in Noida/ Gurgaon

 Welders (TIG , MIG, MAG )
 Fabricators
 Drill Operators
 Shear Cutting Workers
 CNC Operator
 Pipe Fitters
 Iron Workers
 Lathe Operators
 Locksmith
 Fitter
 Electrician
 Carpentar
 Wireman
 Painter
 VMC Operator
 Die Casting Operator
 DTP Operator

Manufacturing Manpower in Noida/ Gurgaon

 Aluminum & glass worker
 Assembler
 Electronic worker
 Carry man
 Processing worker
 Storekeeper
 Machine cleaner
 Mould cleaner
 Textile worker
 Tire tube repair
 Tailor
 Mechanical worker
 Grinder
 Tool & Die
 Machinist
 Electroplater

Information Technology Manpower in Noida/ Gurgaon

 Auto Cad Draftsman
 Computer engineer
 Computer operator
 Developer / programmer
 Graphic designer
 IT engineer
 IT technician
 Network System administrator
 System Analyst
 Telecommunications
 Test & Quality assurance
 Project Manager
 Supervisory
 Clerks
 Receptionists
 Tele caller

Supervisor & Admin Personal in Noida/ Gurgaon

 Data Entry Clerk
 Office administrative assistant
 Office administrator
 QC –QA manager
 Quantity surveyor
 Maintenance Supervisor
 Material controller
 Workshop Manager
 Painting inspector
 Project manager
 Accountant
 HR manager

SECURITY GUARDS in Noida/ Gurgaon

 Security guards
 Gunman
 Escorts
 Protecting Events
 Guards Duty

Our Deployment Schedule

A shortlist of candidates within two weeks ( depending on the volume of the requirements) :-

1. Interviewed and pre- qualified
2. Shortlisted candidates meet a minimum of 8 point out of 10 point as follows Anmol Consultancy & manpower services CV form.
3. The shortlisted Candidates will be available for a face to face or webcam / Phone interviews.
4. Once selected, the candidates will complete the medical examinations, police clearances, passport application/ renewal within a maximum period of six weeks.
5. Upon receipt of the accreditation / registration documents (if they are in compliance to the format prescribed by Anmol consultancy & manpower services), Anmol consultancy & Manpower services will complete the registration of the clients at the employment Administration within 2-3 working days.

Bouquet of Services


1. We will submit invoice to Tenor services after due verification with necessary supporting documentation.

2. All statutory compliance documents ( PF, ESI, attandence etc) Will be forwarded payment shall be made within stipulated time as agreed.


Understate to extend the long hands and co-operation on long and short call for semi permanent, casual and emergency engagement.

It is anticipated patronage and goodwill. Understate to leave no stone unturned in providing efficient and impromptu. Services at short notice.

We Propose:
1. A meeting with your management for understanding your needs in terms of Departments
    which you would like to Outsource.
2. Give you the best deal for making the relationship mutually beneficial.
3. Our rates are attached in Annexure I.

We look forward to your favorable response on this proposal from our side.

Our Services

  • Industrial Manpower

  • Manufacturing Manpower

  • Information Technology Manpower

  • Supervisor & Admin Personal

  • Security Guards

  • Industrial Labour

  • Helper

  • All Kind of ITI Personal

  • Ward Boys

  • Supervisor for handling the all type of working staff

  • Field Supervisor for type of out source